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VR firm urgently retrain workers to cope with coronavirus

Virti, a Bristol-based virtual and augmented reality firm, plans to retrain more than 15,000 NHS (National Health Service) nurses, doctors, cleaners and porters over the next two weeks to help them deal with an expected deluge of coronavirus cases. Thousands of retired and reassigned doctors and nurses will need new skills to weather an expected onslaught of Covid-19 patients.

Virti sells software for quickly creating and managing interactive training programs, from simple video questionnaires on mobile phones to full VR simulations. Its system can track trainees’ attention and performance, including by tracking their body language and eye movement via their phones or VR headsets.

“Healthcare providers are finding it incredibly difficult to scale their traditional face-to-face training to meet the updated guidelines. Frontline staff need to be trained up quite quickly to put on the protective equipment. This technology would be very useful.”

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