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UV light robot use to destroy viruses and bacteria

Robots that can disinfect surfaces in hospitals have been sent in truckloads to China, Italy, and other heavily affected countries. UVD Robots has seen demand skyrocket since the outbreak started.

These robotic devices use eight light bulbs to emit concentrated UV-C ultraviolet light over hospital surfaces. The light destroys viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes by damaging their DNA and RNA, meaning they can no longer multiply.

Though there has been no specific testing of the device’s effectiveness against the coronavirus (SARS COV-2), UVD chief executive Per Juul Nielsen, says that the probability of coronavirus being resistant to concentrated UV-C ultraviolet light is very low.

“Coronavirus is very similar to other viruses like Mers and Sars. And we know that they are being killed by UV-C light,” Nielsen told the BBC. Other companies, like Xenes and Youibot have also developed their own UV-emitting cleanup robots.

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