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University of Twente and PCV Group come with ventilation hood for COVID-19 patients

Over the past few weeks, TechMed Centre researchers have joined forces with developers from PCV Group in Enschede to rapidly develop a breathing support hood. “This minimally invasive ventilation technology (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP) offers an alternative for COVID-19 patients who are not sick enough for admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but who are too ill to be treated in ordinary wards”, according to Professor of Health Technology Implementation Ruud Verdaasdonk and lung physiologist Frans de Jongh.

The breathing support hood is a respirator hood that delivers oxygen to the patient s, with a slight overpressure in their lungs. Like the TechMed Center, PCV Group was keenly aware of its social responsibility. Their 20+ years of experience in designing medical products and other equipment made them the perfect partner for the TechMed Centre.

The development team’s approach focused on designs that could rapidly be made available, and on exploring potential improvements such as preventing coronavirus particles from leaking out, ease of use for medical staff and patient comfort. This work has led to the development of two designs, which will be used to evaluate a range of options and to open routes to the market. Working prototypes of both designs have now been assembled.

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