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TU Delft designed a ventilator consisting entirely of standard parts

Prof. Amir Zadpoor, professor at TU Delft, and the scientists’ project team consists of engineers from the Biomechanical Engineering department of the 3ME faculty of TU Delft, is testing the first prototypes of a ventilator consisting entirely of standard parts. These parts are locally stocked almost everywhere in the world and can be made by hundreds of manufacturers. As a result, the ventilator can in many cases be assembled locally. The design hopes to respond to the demand for respiratory equipment and the logistical problems that exist due to a shortage of specific parts.

The final design and results of extensive safety, reliability, and durability tests will be publicly published. This is expected within a few weeks. With this design, the prototype can be recreated anywhere in the world and clinically tested, which is a crucial step yet to be taken.

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