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SPATKAP: protection glasses for medical employees

Mudguard, in combination with a mask, protects against contamination with the COVID-19 virus and is better than the standard goggles and / or face mask. It covers the entire face (eyes, mouth, skin and beard). The chance of drip contamination decreases sharply, while the lifespan of the already scarce mouth caps increases.

André Moons, a researcher at institute TNO, calls Spatkap safe and an effective addition to the current protective equipment. Spatkap has now been approved by a university medical center for disinfection (reuse) and comfort. The first results are positive. Spatkap consists of only two easy to assemble parts and with the adjustable elastic “one size fits all”. In addition, Spatkap is very suitable for reuse after UV / 70% alcohol disinfection.

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