Let’s break barriers to fight Covid-19 together

Smart mask for prolonged usage


What they do:

AirBliss+® smart mask is designed for prolonged hours and daily usage. Its enhanced comfort will enable mass adoption especially for people who are in contact with others for a long period. The BreatheEase fan system does the “heavy lifting” for the wearer and gets air through the filter while creating a cooler feeling; a unique soft and airtight seal that fits properly to wearer’s facial structure to prevent the ingress of unfiltered air. The filtering medium is FFP3 and will deliver the highest protection. This solution would help control the propagation of the virus and hopefully avoid a new confinement period, which is extremely painful on the personal level and the Netherlands’ economy.


Soaring demand for a product that is in dire need to help to battle the spread of this epidemic. 

What they’re looking to achieve:

Make AirBliss+ mask the must-have in every household around the world! Saving the maximum lives while delivering better protection against other pandemics, air pollution, and natural disasters (i.e. forest fires)

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