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Remote Guidance for patients

Caro Health

What they do:

Meet Caro, a proven digital health companion app that offers conversational monitoring and remote guidance for patients. Caro works with healthcare professionals by informing, supporting, and monitoring patients during the COVID-19 crisis. Caro helps by delivering custom home recovery programs in the Caro app, checking in with the patient daily, asking them to measure their temperature, recording their symptoms, and giving them advice. With Caro, healthcare professionals don’t have to waste precious time explaining home recovery protocols and answering the same questions repeatedly. Caro’s COVID-19 Home Recovery Program aims to reduce the burden on healthcare providers, by supporting patients who are recovering at home and keeping them away from those most at risk


Proven track record scaling health technology – they have a product that is ready to scale, traction and a fiercely passionate team to make this happen.

What they’re looking to achieve:

At Caro, we see a future where informed patients take ownership of their care, and healthcare providers have the tools they need to continually improve patient outcomes and experience. Developments in user-centred design, cloud computing, and AI are making this future possible now. We are excited to contribute to the current spirit of innovation and ready to scale Caro globally.

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