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POxiM: Simple tool for oxygen saturation measurement in COVID patients

A research group at TU Delft Biomechanical Engineering in collaboration with the Jeroen Bosch Hospital and Hogeschool Rotterdam are working on a new pulse oximeter that is easy and cheap to produce, the POxiM. The pulse oximeter is a critical monitoring tool that measures heart rate and blood oxygen levels in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The aim of the research is to counter the imminent shortage of this instrument.

“It is not that this is a very complicated device to build. The bottleneck is that there is a worldwide shortage that prevents parties from supplying parts. That is why we must now devise a way to build this important monitoring tool very easily without having to ask other countries for help. We look at “less is more”: some functions that a pulse oximeter has are not necessary. We, therefore, omit these to be able to build the POxiM faster and more efficiently. ”

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