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Post IC App preventing Post Intensive Care Syndrome

Games for Health

What they do:

Post-IC by Games for Health is a digital diary for ICU patients, nurses and close family members. It’s an app that prevents Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) from being developed. This is a Post Traumatic stress syndrome, that can affect up to 70% of the patients leaving the ICU, and even their loved ones. The Post-IC app provides the opportunity to upload text, pictures, sound fragments and videos to the patient’s virtual diary. It can be used at home by family and friends, but also in the ICU by the medical staff as it’s integrated into the patient’s bedside monitor.


Health insurers Netherlands is aware of the importance of the Post-IC diary for tomorrow, and makes this possible. The Rabobank has indicated herein to contribute. The Dutch Association for Intensive Care, patient organization IC Connect and foundation Family and patient Centered Intensive Care (FCIC) support this initiative. Under the leadership of Games for Health together with the Catharina Hospital, the diary was entirely co-created according to the Brainport concept. The Catharina Hospital is the first hospital in the Netherlands to use the diary. With the help of our implementation partner EIFFEL we aim to connect all hospitals in the Netherlands in the coming weeks.

What they’re looking to achieve:

Our dream is that all IC patients in the world and their loved ones get access to use the Post-IC diary for tomorrow.

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