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Philips: Online platform for digital exchange of relevant COVID-19 patient data between hospitals

Philips in close collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Health and the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, is making an online COVID-19 portal that allows Dutch hospitals to share patient information when patients are moved to another hospital due to COVID-19. Via the portal, radiological images, reports, documents (e.g. the discharge letter) and other relevant information about a patient can be made available to the receiving hospital. This can support the distribution of COVID-19 patients across the Netherlands.

The portal is not directly linked to hospital systems such as the EPD, PACS or the laboratory system. Patient information should therefore be reported in the portal for speed. Security is and remains of great importance in the exchange of medical data, even in times of crisis. The hospital that receives the patient will only have access to information regarding the patient from the sending hospital, after the first hospital and the patient have given explicit permission for this. The portal complies with NEN7510 and ISO27001 standards. The COVID-19 Portal is available free of charge to all hospitals in the Netherlands for the duration of the crisis.

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