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Open-source Emergency Face Shield by REGGS

An open source face shield which is produced by hand out of only 2 everyday materials REGGS® (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) in collaboration with Anega Energies Manufacturing PLC (Addis Abeba, Ethiopia) has developed an open-source emergency face shield within a week.

The mask can be produced easily by hand using a few everyday materials, such as transparent plastic and a shoelace. This face shield is developed as an emergency alternative for use in places where there is limited access to personal protective equipment (PPE). It is different from other open-source face shields because it can be quickly produced by anyone using only two materials. The shield is designed to be reliable and sturdy. The materials required to produce the face shield, thin transparent plastic and a shoelace, are widely available at an extremely low cost. The shield is held together using a simple locking system (credits: https://ngs2020.nl/)

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