Let’s break barriers to fight Covid-19 together

Open-source 3D printed respirator for 40 euros

Ventilaid is an unusual project straight out of Poland and just in time for the COVID-19 crisis. A team of engineers has developed a breathing apparatus that can be printed with a 3D printer and they made it available on the internet free of charge.

“We managed to create a fully functional device, for a total component cost of around 40 Euros”, the engineer says.

The complete plans of the first functional VentilAid prototype is available for download on the project’s website. It contains a set of information necessary for printing and operating an operational device. Work on the second version is being finalized, and will be characterized by greater independence of power sources and the possibility of using even simpler components.

The creators of VentilAid need help. At this stage, the support of specialists like doctors and engineers is necessary. Those who want to help can apply directly via the project’s website.

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