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Nihon Kohden Releases Video Laryngoscope in U.S. for Faster Intubation During COVID

With the current COVID-19 pandemic intubation is necessary to maintain many critical patients in the ICU. However, too often obtaining an airway proves to be challenging and can take over a minute or more, potentially leading to serious consequences. Now, Nihon Kohden is launching its NK AWS-S200 video laryngoscope in the United States that is designed to achieve intubation faster and on the first try. Moreover, the company claims that the device “can help protect clinicians while intubating patients suffering from COVID-19 or other respiratory infections”.

The NK AWS-S200 supports a high-definition color display with targeting cross-hairs that help to deliver the working end into the airway. This in combination with a working channel that allows the endotracheal tube to be pushed in while still seeing the airway effectively.

According to Nihon Kohden, this enables the clinicians to intubate challenging patients faster compared with competitors’ devices.

“The NK AWS-S200 video laryngoscope is designed to accomplish this while also keeping clinicians safe because they don’t have to lean in to visualize the vocal cords and larynx. It is the embodiment of Nihon Kohden’s commitment to bring exceptional and simple solutions to healthcare providers, and NK-HealthProtect™, which is designed to protect the health of those whom we serve.”

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