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New technique to make lung research of corona patients easier and safer

To improve safety and reduce the workload of medical personnel, Jan Steckel and his team from Flanders Make @ UAntwerp developed an ingenious stethoscope system. This allows lung examination without direct contact with the COVID-19 patient.

Regular lung examinations are fundamental for monitoring COVID-19 patients and a real challenge for the medical staff. Medical specialists should enter the patient’s room in sterile clothing and when exiting the room, they change completely and wash their hands before examining the next patient.

A major advantage of the system is that a team of doctors can listen together and work together to evaluate a patient. They can even compare results over a period of time and assess patients’ progress more objectively, all without direct patient contact.

The tests are currently running at the UZA. The system will be offered as an open source solution to support physicians worldwide.

More information (in Dutch)

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