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Multi-patient temperature monitoring system unveiled for COVID clinics

Aranet, a company that normally makes environmental monitoring solutions for industrial applications, is releasing a large-scale body temperature monitoring system that can allow a hospital to keep track of dozens of people at the same time. The technology may help to reduce the number of in-person visits that a patient receives, helping to reduce staff workload and limit exposure, but to also improve how closely patients are monitored for any changes in their condition.

Each thermometer, inserted into the rear end, is battery powered and transmits its readings every minute to a base station. Each station comes with 100 of these thermometers which never need to be calibrated. Information on all the patients can be viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, and alarms can be set up to make sure that more acute patients are not missed.

Aranet says the system is easy to roll out quickly and the wireless technology it uses needs only a single base station at a clinic to communicate at a distance and through walls.

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