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Medtronic shares ventilator IP to combat shortages amid coronavirus

Medtronic is publicly sharing the design specifications of its Puritan Bennett 560 (PB 560) ventilator amid a global shortage of the devices amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The shortage is dire enough that doctors are having to make life-or-death decisions about which people with severe cases of COVID-19 get a ventilator.  Medtronic is running its ventilator production lines 24/7 with a goal of increasing production by 40%, but demand is still outstripping supply.

“Over the past few weeks, we have ramped up production of our Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilators. But we also know we can do more, and we are,” Bob White, EVP and president of Medtronic’s Minimally Invasive Therapies Group, said in a news release. “By openly sharing the PB 560 design information, we hope to increase global production of ventilator solutions for the fight against COVID-19.”

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