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LUMC: Covid Box for home monitoring

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has started home monitoring of LUMC patients who are infected with the coronavirus. These patients have only mild symptoms left and admission is therefore no longer necessary. They receive a so-called COVID box, which is equipped with home measuring equipment. Patients share the measured values ​​digitally with a healthcare provider every day for verification.

“The COVID box is an important aid in the outflow of COVID patients from the LUMC and in reducing the hospital pressure.”

The COVID box contains a digital thermometer, blood pressure monitor and oxygen saturation meter that patients use at home. The patient presents the measurements during a video consultation daily to a healthcare provider, who takes appropriate action (if necessary). The COVID box will return to the LUMC when the complaints have disappeared. The LUMC is still working on an app that automatically records and transmits the measurements.

More information (in Dutch)

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