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International research AI-project on CT for COVID-19 started

A radiologist at the #ETZ Hospital saw that the number of CT scans with Covid-19 images is growing spectacularly, even with patients without clinical suspicion or with a negative RT-PCR test. Many hospitals are making the same observation. The number of institutions using CT to screen patients suspected of carrying the virus is increasing, although the technique is not advocated everywhere as primary screening technique for that purpose. Erik R. Ranschaert sees himselfs as a “AI believer” and he is chairman of #EuSoMII, he decided to launch an international research AI-project on CT for COVID-19 together with his colleague Laurens Topff from the #NKI-AVL (Amsterdam). With the collaboration of #EuSoMII, several European institutions and the financial and logistic support of Jonathan Berte, CEO of #Robovision and Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, CEO of #Quibim, they will train an algorithm with CT images, with the intention of facilitating the diagnosis of COVID-19 with CT and allowing us to make a correct assessment of the degree of lung impairment. This will be an exciting European project, and they hope to achieve results within 1 month.

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