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Innovative Catheter by PulmoTech


What they do:

The catheter developed by PulmoTech, an innovative small tube with pressure sensors, is inserted via the nose or mouth into the oesophagus, allowing the possibility to accurately measure the function of the respiratory muscles and the lungs inside the body. This enables additional diagnostic possibilities, individualizing mechanical ventilation, to increase chances patients can be ventilated safely and breathe spontaneously as soon as possible.

Corona causes Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and available solutions that assess respiratory physiology are not optimized for the current (and general) clinical workload, whereas our catheter can quickly be inserted and measurements acquired, to apply safe pressures and individually guide patients off the ventilator. 


Strong, diverse and motivated team aiming to develop a product that is able to make an impact in a rapidly growing market. With investment closed and ready to accelerate their growth.

What they’re looking to achieve:

PulmoTech was founded on the basis to improve care for ICU patients. With the team having experience in (pediatric) intensive care units since 2011, patients are not a ‘number’ to them but have a face and family. Their ultimate goal would be to improve the technical know-how of ventilation for physicians, without increasing the clinical workload. Accordingly, decreasing mortality, but also improving the quality of life after a stay on the ICU.

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