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Healthmonitor for home monitoring of Covid patients

Corona patients who are not ill enough to be treated in the hospital, need to improve their health staying at home. However, there is a chance that the patient will develop an oxygen deficiency at home. It takes a lot of time and manpower to monitor these people.

This means that it is very difficult for doctors to estimate how bad a patient is and whether they should be transferred to the hospital. A device that measures the temperature, heart rate and oxygen in the blood at home would help enormously. This is where the home monitor comes in.

Patients eligible for pulse oximeters (POs) are those who have symptoms of COVID-19, but whose diagnosis has not (yet) been confirmed. In addition, this method is suitable for patients who have recently been discharged from the hospital, but still need to be monitored.

Project Open Air immediately started to develop such a device. In addition, we have set up a collaboration with the existing E-Health platform Atris, to which the device can be connected. The first test models are ready and we expect to find a producer soon to be able to scale up production.

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