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Clinicards allows customized care pathways


What they do:

Clinicards by Synappz is a scalable and secure digital healthcare platform that allows patients to be monitored, educated and coached in their healthcare process. Monitored using specifically developed HealthCards that capture one medical variable (e.g. level of coughing, body temperature, blood oxygen level, etc), educated through a dedicated content management system and coached using a specifically configured care pathway combining HealthCards with Content. The uniqueness is that healthcare organizations can use predefined HealthCards, content and care pathways (available for COVID-19), or fully customize these themselves.


A long term and the dedicated player with significant competencies and experience in the field of digital healthcare having an existing and proven platform that is flexible and scalable for the current and future needs that arise in healthcare. Currently, their technology is used in almost 200 care organizations amongst several regional and academic hospitals. 

What they’re looking to achieve:

To make Clinicards the golden standard for patients around the world to help them going through these uncertain times by providing the right insight, information and access to medical help if needed.

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