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Boston dynamics sends robot dog to help doctors treat coronavirus patients

At Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, something remarkably cyberpunk is taking place: Boston Dynamics’ sweet robot dog Spot is helping doctors in Boston fight the coronavirus.

The robotic pup is equipped with an iPad and a two-way radio which enables the healthcare workers to video conference with patients while remotely directing the robot. This way, the medics can assess the patients in isolation without being exposed to the virus.

Spot’s iPad camera enables the physician to see the patient’s physical condition. The doctor can talk to the patient through the built-in microphone to ask standard diagnostic questions. Moreover, they can direct Spot to move around to better see the patient.

The best part is the fact that Boston Dynamics is open-sourcing its hardware and software stack to rejigger the robot for the hospitals. They’re available on the company’s GitHub page. According to the company, you can transform other robots into triage workers with only the open-sourced software.

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