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An Innovative thermal scanner for automatic access system

88% of coronavirus patient has a fever (2), both in China and in Italy, authorities are screening the population in airports using thermal cameras, but this solution has several limitations:
– A cheap thermic camera for fever detection costs around 14k+€. (1)
– On average the measurement accuracy for this commercial thermal camera, at 1m distance is around 1°C, this means many false positive/true negative (it became useless). (1)
– They are subject to a drift in measurement that depends on the thermal gradient, to overcome this problem, they have to install a blackbody with a controlled temperature that is used as reference (it increase a lot the costs and the space needed). (1)

A new solution

Our solution uses a medical graded IR thermometer with an accuracy of 0.2°C, it uses an algorithm to compensate the ambient temperature (based on two more temperature sensors) and a face tracking (GDPR compliant) algorithm to detect and measure the body temperature, the estimated production cost is much less (up to 10x lower), it can easily be connected with an existing turnstile, automatic door or flow control system such as in a supermarket or deployed in stations, hospitals, airports,  offices and shops by connecting it to existing access control systems.
The system is ready, we have a working prototype and now we are working on its scale-production.

(2)- Hopkins, Claire. “Loss of sense of smell as marker of COVID-19 infection”. Ear, Nose and Throat surgery body of United Kingdom. Retrieved 28 March 2020

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