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Air purification from VFA Solutions

VFA Solutions

What they do:

ASPRA air purification from VFA Solutions is an effective filtration and purification system that removes airborne viruses, pathogens and dust particles. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are biological particles, referred to as bioaerosols. Inside the device, these bioaerosols are guided through an electric field, where the majority is killed or deactivated. The viruses, bacteria and other pathogens are then captured in the collector (the filter) and permanently removed from the air. Reducing the risk of spreading.


An established technology and innovation working within an array of industries and verticals. Experience building out and executing projects with healthcare and medical centres.

What they’re looking to achieve:

Our ambition is to create Clean and Safe Air Everywhere. Our first priority is implementing the solutions in the healthcare sector, mainly the IC departments and the temporary IC and isolation facilities to prevent and control the airborne spread of the COVID-19, other pathogens by killing the airborne pathogens and capturing their carriers quickly and continuously at the source. Herewith we protect the personnel from COVID-19 but also the patients from any potential complications. 

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