Let’s break barriers to fight Covid-19 together

Extraordinary times like these also bring out the best and most creative in people. We would like to use our platform and extensive network to bring ideas regarding Covid-19 together, and get all the help needed to drive them forward as rapidly as possible. 

Therefore, we have set up this website, where everybody can share their ideas and inventions with the world, with the aim of improving them and inspiring others. Simply add your idea using the menu, or comment on one of the ideas already published. Think, for example, about ways to better use or reuse equipment needed, or to test or treat patients. Or, if it is an invention you want to build in to a venture, we will advise you on how we or someone in our network can help you do this. Send us your ideas via inventions@nlc.health, and we will look at it at the shortest notice possible.

Share your own ideas to prevent, treat, or manage COVID-19 on this wall. Submit an idea to contribute to the discussion.

Quick Lab

The project in short is to use artificial intelligence in order to analyze blood spectrum. Feeding the spectra in large number to

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Protective Equipment

Using Ultraviolet to Sterilize Mask

Ultraviolet light, particularly in the UVC range (280–100 nm), is known to inactivate microbes. During the current COVID-19 pandemic there’s a shortage

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Ventilator build by NASA

According to NASA, the high-pressure ventilator, named VITAL (Ventilator Intervention Technology Accessible Locally), is composed of fewer parts than traditional ventilators. And

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